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Good Material
Porimer insulation tape and PVC color magic tape are easy to neglect the use and function as insulation horseradish, but they can prevent large accidents in advance. Especially, they produce excellent products for fire prevention, so they produce fire resistance, tensile strength, lift strength, height,
Automation Equipment
All processes are made up of the latest automation equipment.
Quality Control
Products produced in accordance with the Korean industrial standard are inspected from time to time by production LOT from raw materials to product shipment. Remove the defective factors through tests by national accredited agencies.

Hanyang Chemical's thermal insulation tapes are controlled by KS Industrial Standards

Retardant Test Method for Insulation Tape(related standard KS M3030-95)

Application Method Thickness 0.05mm to 1.5mm insulation tape
Sample A film 25mm wide and 450mm long
Test Methods
1. Fix the sample to the clamp, vertically Drop 430mm.
2. Adjust the end of the burner flame to 25mm.
3. When the test is taken, bring the end of the flame to less than 15 seconds and turn off the fire when the sample burns.
4. In any case, the flame should not move upwards along the end of the shrinking sample.
5. Press the timer where the end of the sample has reached 75mm below, and record the use time when it reaches the top of 75mm.
6. When the flame is turned off before reaching the top of 75mm, stop the timer and record the cause of the flame being turned off.
Result Display Criteria
1. 1st Grade : A 15-second spark doesn't burn a sample.
2. 2nd Grade : The flame is turned off before it reaches 75mm of the sample.
3. 3rd Grade : The sample burns or melts to 75mm.

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